Jammy Incorporated was founded in 1971 as a contract manufacturing company in automotive lighting and safety products. Corporate headquarters in Ft. Worth, TX. Jammy Inc is supported by a full service manufacturing facility with state the art capabilities in metal stamping and plating, plastic injection tooling and molding, powder coating, and assembly. With new facilities encompassing over 225,000 square feet of available manufacturing most any product to your specific design needs. With the latest technology, years of experience, a dedicated staff and state of the art equipment to provide our customers with the highest quality product available.

Jammy Inc proudly provides lighting solutions for automotive, trucking and agricultural needs. Because it is backed by a self compliant photometric testing facility, all lighting meets or exceeds applicable SAE/DOT specifications. To further ensure compliance Jammy employs fully accredited stateside laboratories to audit their photometric results and test all products for applicable standards.


Jammy Agricultural Lighting is designed to exceed the highest industry standards. All models exceed ASAE S279.13 requirements. Available in all popular configurations, Jammy Ag Lights are among the most durable and dependable lights on the market. All models are constructed with high impact nylon housings, polycarbonate lenses, stainless hardware and standard Weather Pack connectors. Designed for easy retrofit, Jammy Ag Lights use industry standard mounting configurations.

Click here to view a video demonstrating ANSI/ASAE S279.16 Compliant Flashers

Jammy Incandescent Ag Lamps utilize the same Low Profile design and rugged construction as our LED counterparts. With easily Removable Lenses, bulb changes are quick and easy.

Jammy is an industry leader in specialty cable wire harness manufacturing. Producing a wide variety of specialized wiring harnesses for the automotive, industrial and agricultural needs. A complete inventory of LED’s and incandescent lighting available in standard configurations or custom made to customers specifications.

  • Lighting & accessories
  • Injection molded plastic parts
  • Cast / extruded aluminum products
  • Wire harnesses and fully-assembled electronic modules and systems
  • Low voltage applications
  • Multi-conductor cable construction
  • Small bundle sizes
  • High temperature insulation
  • Fully automatic, high speed wire cutter / stripper / terminal crimper machine