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Heavy Duty 4-Wire LED Ag Light Kit.  Complete kit to wire towed implements to meet Agricultural lighting standard ASABE S279.17 including Enhanced Flashing Module.  Kit contents:

J-AGM-WH  35′ long main wire harness terminated with 7-Way ATA (Round Pin) Connector and 4-Way flat male weather pack connector.

J-AEM-48  Enhancer Module with dual ground and dual tail leads; terminated with 4-Way flat weather pack connectors on both input and output.

J-AGW-WH4  25′ Long rear wishbone harness (set) for connection from enhancer to lamps.  Terminated with 4-Way flat weather pack connectors.

AC2 Series Lights  One pair (Left and Right) LED 4-Wire Ag lights with dual side amber and single side red lamps, with brake function.

kit diagram